Three step strategy for selecting Fluid Connectors


Three step strategy for selecting fluid connectors in many medical device designs, one thing we see is that the use of fluid connectors is not considered until later in the design process, which may lead to many problems, including design changes of key device components. We know that coupling (the main user interface) as a basic part of device design can lead to better medical devices.

We focused on the three-step strategy for selecting fluid connectors, which will ensure that fluid connectors are considered at the early stage of design to eliminate problems (such as redesigning the complete functional area of product design, delaying market release and expensive rework). This may happen after consideration.

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1. Consider safety requirements - General connector requirements and ISO requirements.

2. Define the functional requirements of the application - flow requirements, temperature and pressure, medium action, connector quality, fitting type, valve and installation options.

3. Consider advanced connector functions - don't forget to study technologies such as RFID and hybrid.