What is the fluid connector like?


Fluid connector is an important control component of the liquid cooling system of electronic equipment. With the continuous innovation and development of microelectronics technology and large-scale integration technology, the weapon equipment system tends to be integrated and miniaturized, which makes the electronic devices develop towards the direction of density and miniaturization. The heating capacity of electronic devices per unit volume increases exponentially, and a large number of electronic devices are installed in a narrow space, A lot of heat is bound to be generated, and overheating of electronic equipment is one of the main reasons for the failure of electronic devices, which seriously reduces the performance, reliability and working life of electronic devices.


According to the data, the reliability of electronic components will be reduced by more than 20% when the temperature of electronic components increases by 10 ℃. Therefore, using good heat dissipation measures to solve the problem of temperature rise in electronic equipment is an important design direction of electronic equipment.

The common cooling methods of electronic equipment are air cooling and liquid cooling. Considering the space and heat dissipation effect, in recent years, most equipment are cooled by liquid cooling system, and the fluid connector is the key component of the liquid cooling system interface, which plays an important on-off role. In order to ensure the reliable and effective operation of the liquid cooling system of electronic equipment, this paper takes a fluid connector as the research object, and studies its key technology design and reliability.