Veseconn(Chengdu)Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. won the second prize in the 7th China Aviation Innov


From March 16 to March 17, 2023, the third China Aviation Investment Summit and the seventh China Aviation Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition National Finals, with the theme of "Innovation Empowerment, Industry Strengthening", were held in Xi'an. Wanshuo (Chengdu) Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the industrialization project with liquid cooled fluid connectors and won the second prize in the entrepreneurship group.

Project Introduction

Liquid cooled fluid connectors are mainly used for quick connection of the cooling circuit in liquid cooling systems, ensuring no leakage during the connection and disconnection process of the cooling circuit. They are essential key components in military and

highend civilian liquid cooling systems. Widely used in various fields such as military chassis cooling, laser cooling, power cooling, big data server cooling, inverter cooling, charging station cooling, and new energy vehicle battery cooling. The technology of liquid cooled fluid connectors was mainly mastered by foreign companies before, and there was only one large-scale manufacturer in China, and there was no manufacturer specializing in liquid cooled fluid connectors. The liquid cooling industry urgently needs a professional provider of liquid cooling fluid connectors. The liquid cooled fluid connector products developed and produced by our company have timely expanded the demand for domestically produced fluid connectors in the liquid cooling industry. At present, we have established cooperative relationships with multiple military research institutes and have established certain users and reputation in the industry.


Project advantages

The company has independent research and development capabilities, and has fully independent intellectual property rights in fields such as pressurized plugging, self unloading, gas-liquid two-phase technology, and ultra-low temperature. There are more than 30 types of connectors in 5 series, including CB series, CS series, CN series, CNB series, and VAF series, which can fully cover the needs of the existing liquid cooling industry.

The basic parameters of the company's products, such as the life of ten thousand plug and unplug cycles, and the leakage rate of gas-liquid two-phase products as low as 10-5ml/s, have reached international advanced levels. At the same time, the parameters of high and low temperatures, salt spray, impact, vibration, and other parameters have met the product standards of the world-renowned French company Staubert, fully meeting the requirements of national military standards.

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